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Accreditation: Company being registered (71978/066/067) under the Nepal Government Law Companies Act 2006, we have been operating since 2010. Being endorsed by many colleges and universities across many countries mainly New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA and Canada, we have been approved by Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal. We are one of the active members of Educational Consultancies Association of Nepal (ECAN) since its operation. Our counselors are Internationally certifies i.e. ICEF, PIER and Education New Zealand committed to offer the high quality counseling services to sand out in the market. We are also an authorized exam preparation center of University of the Cambridge UK (NPPC000051) in Pokhara to prepare IELTS, CAE and English Language classes etc. ensuring the reliable and genuine information and high quality they are receiving.

Operation Area: Our corporate office is located in the heart of main city of Nepal, Pokhara which is the second education hub of Nepal after Kathmandu. We have been closely working with a number of associates in various parts of the country and having one efficient branch office in Waling, Syangja.

Our Services: Student recruitment overseas is our main service. So, we offer educational Counseling for college/university selection, course selection, admission processing and offer acceptance, GTE approval, supporting to complete the visa application,  documentation guideline based on updated and latest visa policy, submitting your visa application to Immigration/ Embassies, Interview preparation, handling your application at Embassy, communicating with visa officers/embassy on behalf your visa application,  pre-departure guidance, post-flight assistance etc. Regarding training, we offer IELTS, CAE and English Language preparation classes, Training courses etc. are our major fields of activities.

Educational Counseling
BEACON with its key intention of providing a bridge to the prospective students as a ladder success who are in quest of attaining further challenging education in abroad. A team of Academic Counselors will set free counseling to you for and about your study course, college or university and destination country and requirements caring your academic background and financial status that adds an impact in your academic which leads to better jobs and permanent resident permit eligibility. Exploring the latent within yourself, BEACON roles vital to eliminate your illusion for taking right decision for your study in different colleges/universities in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Cyprus, Finland, Norway, Germany, Spain, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and many more. So, you will find BEACON a perfect place for your career counseling in the field of abroad study and student visa.

Immigration Counseling
Taking a life decision to fly beyond the horizon should be with a perfect counselor or consultant. BEACON cares each spun of your valuable time and responsibility to set you to the best destination in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Denmark etc. Having a required qualification with the professional experience to meet the visa requirement to live, work and settle in those countries like the citizens there is the most joyous and heart leaping. We want to take you to this opportunity and make your life and career more beautiful for your offspring which gives a pride in being Nepali in the world.

Test Preparation Classes
We are University of the Cambridge’s authorized exam preparation center number NPPC000051 here in Pokhara Nepal.  We know that students’ primary need is to have language proficiency that leads to perform excellence. Moreover, students should have effective communication in four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing to avoid the language problem which may occur as ESL students. We have fully equipped lab with free Wi-Fi access, Free Library use. We have enough latest and up to date information and materials like books, CD ROMS, test questions samples and review and test session before they sit on real exam by the long years experienced ESL instructors both for the student and professionals who intend to have employment opportunities in different countries.

Training & Courses
Aiming to provide the trainees to get the jobs easily in the local and international market, BEACON has been carrying out with different hotel management programs i.e. Cooking, Waiter, House Keeping, Bar Man etc. We have our own fully equipped kitchen and bar for practical training. Years of experienced Chefs and instructors from star class hotel and resorts teach the students in this most demanding market of hospitality time. After the training is over, we send them to the different local hotel and restaurants to gain the practical experience and help them find the jobs too.

Our Objectives
Our main objective is to serve the students and parents with total committed satisfaction in different fields;

  • Exploring the true and real potentialities in students’ chosen discipline is fully professional which realize their goals by and between BEACON consultants and them;
  • We believe that  the abolition bondage of poverty, conventional beliefs and enlighten the moderns norms and values within self and society is an only effort of quality education in the native to international tertiary market;
  • We carry out all of the responsibilities in team work with complete dedication, honesty and uprightness to our valued consumers;There shouldn’t be any compromise to the opportunity for the topmost quality education wherever around the globe and we are unwavering for this;
  • BEACON creates and opens the opportunities bridging students/immigrants to the International colleges/universities and or in the world of abroad opportunity providers;
  • Trainings and gaining the skills and ability to deal with the practical issues is the foremost in today’s competitive world so, BEACON provides all with the initial trainings and preparations to meet the visa requirements and felicitate the students/immigrants with the demanding quality with core hearted dedication.

We have been running different language preparation classes and interview preparation classes to ready our students for the visa requirements and practical language needs.

Our Experience
BEACON is managed and run by a team of professors , lecturers, Instructors and counselors. This really makes us proud and self stand to put into operation our plans, goals because most of our team members are self made and self motivated person with many years of consulting and instructing professional experience in different disciplines. Being very good public relation among, we are able to win the heart of the people in our territory, we have a number of visa success in different countries like UK, USA, Newzealand, Australia and more.  Due to our quality services, we are demanded to run a range of programs i.e. ABROAD STUDY, IMMIGRATION, TEST PREPARATION, BRIDGE COURSE, TUITION/COACHING, HOTEL TRAININGS etc.


Besides the materials provided by our counterpart college/universities abroad we are also using the following medium to attract prospective students:

  1. We go through the national and local news paper advertisement which is one of the most effective tools to collect quantity of students and will be arranged and selected by personal counseling to them.
  2. Conducting seminars and workshops for spot admission purposes enable the students enjoy free documentation and other benefits in different major cities.
  3. We make the Television and Radio/ FM advertisements to aware about our programs to the remote  places too.
  4. We also distribute flyers and prospectus to make aware about our programs.
  5. We also visit different colleges and give information about abroad study as one of the ways to promote our educational programs.
  6. We also get students from the words of our previous successful applicants who flew for abroad study from us and our associate agents who promote our programs provide us with the students’ applications.

Study and Work Exchange Program
BEACON launches internship and study-work programs especially in hospitality and hotel management, business management and marketing etc depending upon the sponsors in different countries like USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China and Switzerland. Employees are enrolled in certain conditions to study and work together. The charming thing about this program is earning while learning which eases the economical burden too. With the topmost technological facilities, employers employ students besides their theoretical study in college/university.

Mission and Vision
With our prime mission in this globally competitive world is to be recognized as one of the most trusted and demanding Educational and Immigration consulting company. To broaden the wider network of world professionals, representing more and more quality provider institutions i.e. colleges and universities in abroad to attain higher education by our students to uplift their living standards in worldly context which helps to build a strong willpower to serve their motherland Nepal, creating opportunities their own place and implement what they gained after their successful completion of course in abroad. To be a leading immigration consulting provider for the immigrants to the destination countries like Canada, UK, New Zealand, where the government there welcomes them heartily. Great success looking back with in the short time period of establishment, it’s constant target runs to quality placement which helps earn quality manpower for our own nation Nepal and strengthening the relation amongst the co-operative providers from worldwide, valued partners, associates, immigrants, students and parents.

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