Pre and Post Departure Services

Pre-Departure Orientation Service

Our services are not only limited to your visa success but to lead you successfully land to your destination country and support you to make your life and living comfortable and succeed there. We organise pre-departure seminars for all of you and even your parents to dispel any doubts or fears before they actually fly to your preferred destination. We shall ensure that you know exactly what to do, where to go and whom to contact once you have landed. We understand that many of you will be traveling abroad for the first time and therefore we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you reach your college/university without any difficulty. We also advise you about what and what not to carry. Remember you need to reach at your institute on time for orientation and enrolment which is mandatory.

Book your airline ticket and know Airlines/Airport rules

Book an airline ticket as soon as you have accepted your place at your proposed institute, as seats are in heavy demand prior to the start of Semester/trimester. However it is not recommended that you purchase a ticket before you have a visa confirmed. Students must be present for the full duration of the orientation program.

As you are travelling overseas, make sure that you have been familiar with some basic airport rules and what you can carry with you as per airport, country and airlines rules. Some country could be totally different than yours so we provide you orientation on this so that you will not have to have any problem at the time of your travel.

Prepare to leave your home country

As it is a long journey you are making long away from you home and family, please be mentally and physically prepared to leave your home country as you cannot return in a day two as you have a life mission of gaining international education and make your career with international degree. Meanwhile please;

  • Decide what to bring with you
  • Plan your finances in short and long term
  • Know what to expect when you arrive and where to go
  • Know the health checks you may need to take to enter to the country

You must bring the following documents with you to your institute/University when you arrive for orientation and enrolment:

  • passport—check your expiry date as renewing your passport on destination country can takes some time
  • Letter of Offer—the Letter of Offer (unconditional) is very important, as you will need to present it at the time of enrolment; please do not lose this document
  • original copies of your qualifications
  • driver’s licence (if you have one)
  • medical history or prescriptions required for ongoing medication.
  • Other Documents (consult with us – we guide you based on your and destination country rules)

Get informed about your Institute

It is very important that you know about the physical location of your college or university and its particular campus you are going to study, as some of them may have multiple campuses operated. You need to know the orientation dates and time and obviously be careful on the changes on time zones once you travel overseas.

  • Take note of orientation and enrolment dates
  • Remember important academic dates
  • Become familiar with Institute policies and procedures
  • Become familiar with the physical address of your college or university/campus
  • Make sure you have carried the documents required by your institute to present in the admission desk for the first time

Get to know your new surroundings

Being a new person in the country and city, it is important that you research about the city and surrounding. You need to know about the transportation system so that you could use at least one once you reach there or once you reach your accommodation for the first time. There could be cultural diversity and physical variations so be prepared on it.

  • Find out about what is available on and near to the campus
  • Find out about what is on in your proposed city itself and how you can get involved

Know your visa conditions

As an international student, you are issued visa for your study purpose to study the particular course in your particular college/university/campus for certain duration. So, it is important that you are fully aware of your visa conditions you must comply with.

To maintain your visa, you must:

  • study full-time while in the country
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • maintain a valid enrolment at your Institute/University and notify Institute if you change your visa status
  • immediately advise your Institute if you change your address
  • have enough money to cover tuition fees and living expenses
  • not work more than you are allowed to work part time during study and where applicable, full time during semester breaks and scheduled holidays (consult with us to know about your destination country rules)
  • maintain valid Overseas Student Health Cover or insurance (in most countries)
  • Do not change your mind once you reach your destination, focus on your academic progression for what you have promised

Accommodation confirmation and mode of transport

Not all accommodation (except for homestay) will include furniture or household items. All required items can be purchased easily from a wide variety of stores. Secondhand household items are available relatively cheaply. You make sure that once you land at your international airport in the destination country, you are familiar with the mode of transport or it has been managed to travel it to your primary accommodation. Do not over generalize as it is totally new for you and it is very easy to get lost or overwhelmed if it is not planned well.

Post – Travel Ongoing Support

Our relationship does not end once you fly away. It just starts all over again. Our counselors shall remain available round-the-clock to ensure that you face no difficulty at all during your entire stay. Our counselors, many of whom have studied abroad themselves, will help you choose the best option out of our tried & tested resources with regards to airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, foreign exchange, medical provisions, part-time jobs etc. Our doors are always open for your parents, in case you face any difficulty in your university.