Student Profile Analysis

We do not limit our analysis just in counseling, application or choosing the university or college, we also conduct a proper student profile analysis so that the best options can be provided to the students. We believe that students would never want to land in a country with a course, which is not suitable as per his/her, interest and career goals. We have great experts in our counseling team, who have the ability to assess the information provided by the students. We ask students to provide their basic information so that we may get to know about them. The basic information provided by students is analyzed and assessed by experts to move further to identify which college, university and country would be the best fit for the students as per his/her profile.

To prepare a detailed student profile, we not only take basic information but our counselors also brief students about a range of options. Decisions are not taken just based on few factors such as your interest or plan, sometimes it is equally important whether you or your parents are financially well stable to cover the required expenses, you really have genuine intention to meet the visa requirements and many other aspects associated with the process. It means that it is a process, where things start from a broad perspective, but we slowly narrow it down to come up with the best choice for the students. It can only be done with the proper profiling of the student. We also welcome parents of students to get in touch with us so that we can make a comprehensive profile of students. It is important to mention here that whatever information is shared by students or his/her parents; we keep it confidential in the best possible manner. So, you can share anything with us without worrying about the confidentiality of the information.

At Beacon, you are invited for a 360 degrees course cum country planning session with our qualified counselors who shall match your career aspirations and academic interest with the best-suited university in a range of destination countries. Before we actually suggest you a university and a course, our highly trained counselors toothcomb your qualifications and ambitions and match them with the best possible options available. We empathize that this decision shall shape your career and thus don’t ignore any facet at all and follow the guidance of our counselors.