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When it comes to taking ownership for developing your career, learning from others is vitally important. That’s why mentoring and career conversations have such an important role to play. Which country to study in? Which course will result in better career? Which university is recognized and has high placement records? These questions and concerns can be daunting at times and we at Beacon totally understand this. We give emphasis to your priorities and guide you keeping your ambitions in mind. We are just a call away!

We have met many students that they regret later in the period of 6 months, 1 year, so or later because they take decision being motivated by their friends or unprofessional people. Sometimes they cannot afford the semester fees of the university once they go to foreign country and sometimes they cannot afford for lifestyle. Many students fall into depression as they cannot manage these all. So, it is wise to meet our counselors and take decision. Do not hurry, as there is not short cut in the life race, it should be planned wisely as you cannot try becasue it really matters the life and career of you and hard earn money of your parents.

At any stage of your life, you may feel that I should look to leave, change or choose another career path. It is important to understand that career is one of the most vital parts of an individual, but the fact of the matter is that it is not an easy thing to handle without proper advice and guidance. You may be looking to get career counseling for the first time or even third time; you need proper guidance so that you can choose the best further study and career path.

You first need to understand what counseling is so that you can get an idea about our study abroad and career counseling services. Let’s put an example here; you have completed your college education, and now you want to choose a career path, which is more rewarding and beneficial for you. Then you have to dig deep inside your own personality to know what is liked by you, and then experts will guide you with your interest. Our study abroad and career counseling experts will talk to you to understand your perspectives about different fields, and they will measure your interest level in every field.

Once, they will identify a certain future direction for you, and then it is time to come up with some tips and guidance to choose aright study and career path. Our study and career counseling experts are experienced ones in their fields and they have expertise in psychology as well. So, they will interact in a friendly manner with you as per your comfort level. They will help you to discover your strengths, and work on your weaknesses. We assure you that our study abroad and career counseling services will help you to discover your own self so that you can choose a future career path, which suits your personality and mindset.

“Get Counseling from our Certified Counselors and Apply Your Visa from Certified Educational Consultancy in Nepal”

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Our every services are specialized in nature with dedicated and certified counselors in our company. We are Education New Zealand Recognized Agency (ENZRA) in Nepal. This means we are certified for providing high quality educational counseling services and high visa success rate with outstanding performance. Our counselors are Education New Zealand Trained Agent Counselors. We have track records of success in our history because of our professional, dedicated and continuous services to students and parents.

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