Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a set of FAQs here based on the questions most of our clients and visitors generally ask us most of the time and especially before they make a decision to apply for a visa. We believe that this would be of your great support and knowledge before you ask us more questions to help us streamline the services we offer to our valuable prospective clients, students and parents. Please study them however please feel free to ask any question you have in your mind in relation with your plan to join our preparation class or apply for a visa.

How much is the cost for my abroad study ?
The cost for your study depends on the country of your choice and your education provider and course. As there are a range of options to choose from, make sure that you consult with our counselors in advance to choose the study destination and course or college/ university that you or your parents can afford without any financial burden. So, decide based on your profile, parents’ financial ability and your study planning so you can live a happy life while studying in overseas.

How long time my visa processing takes ?
Actually visa processing time varies country wise. So, make sure that you plan enough earlier so that you will be able to obtain your visa and travel on time. Sometimes, Immigration Officer may need more time than normal processing time if they have pile of applications or if they need to conduct additional verification of the documents and information provided with your application to ensure that you meet all the requirements to grant you a visa. So, to know the average current visa processing time of a particular country, please contact us so that we can provide you the information.

Can I take my dependent with me?
Country of your interest could have different policy than others. Some country allow dependents for the students while they apply for their visa while some others not. However, as a life partner of you, most of the countries allow your dependent to accompany you sooner or later. Lets take an example of Australia. If you are a genuine student and if you spouse meets the requirements to accompany you, education provider allows you to apply your dependent’s visa together with you while some others not, depending on their admission policy. Some students invite their spouse to accompany them once they travel to Australia, if they wish. So, consult with our counselors before making your decision.

I have heard that I have to return after I complete my study, is this true?
No. As you complete your study, some of the countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada allow you to get Open Work Visa. So, check with us if you qualify for this. You still have option to further continue your study in Student Visa or find Residency Option if you meet the requirements of the immigration. As long as you can hold a valid visa to remain in the particular country, you can stay there.

How long is my visa valid for?
It varies country wise. Some of the countries issue visa for course duration, some short. So, please check with us for which country you are interested for. However, do not worry you can renew your visa by meeting certain requirements (if applicable) to extend your stay in the country.

Can I renew my visa? Do you help for that ?
Yes. Student visa is renewable visa. If you need assistance, please contact us.

I do not know what documents are required for visa so what to do?
That’s why we are here ! Counselors at Beacon are long experienced though various ups and downs in this industry guiding students in various times with the student visa policy of different times. So, our expertise to understand the policy requirements is some of the unique kind to guide you how the visa officer would like to see you application and whether you meet them. Please contact us to guide you on the documents guidance of the country of your interest.

My IELTS is 5.5 Overall, do I get visa?
IELTS is not a determining factor of your visa but it is one of the requirements as an evidence of English Proficiency. Generally, if you meet the admission requirements of the course and college/university, you can apply for visa but you need to meet overall visa requirements so please consult with us if your profile is acceptable on the country of you interest.

How much I can earn there ?
You are applying for Student Visa not a working visa so keep in mind that you may be qualified for working part time in most of the couturiers with limited hours in a week. In some of the countries such as Australia, New Zealand you can work full time during scheduled vacations and holidays. You may be qualified to get open work visa after your study but as a student, earning cannot be your intention to apply for your visa or travel to the country.

Is visa guaranteed ?
No. Visa is a permit issued by the immigration authority of the country of your interest only after completing certain procedure and documents and information check. So, do not run behind any rumors such as Visa Guarantee, Job Guarantee, 100% etc. which are false and misleading information to spoil the reputation of the market and country. If anyone gives you such information please also inform us.

For more information, please contact or visit us and get the information from internationally certified and experienced experienced people who offer you free counseling and support service to help you take right study and career decision.

Planning for your study in abroad is very important life decision which costs your parents’ hard earn money. Do not run behind the rumors in the market or whatever you see in unofficial and unauthentic links. Please contact us and verify the information before you make a decision. We help you take right decision !