Why Study in the USA at BEACON

BEACON is one the best leader consultant to set your destination fly to the world’s most demanding country, USA for the international students. The country of opportunities and dreams where almost 600,000 international students are currently pursuing their higher education degrees. The U.S. offers high-quality educational options for students from around the globe.  Offering the highly demanding and globally no competitive education, it has broadened its educational charm and demand across many countries.

Assuring the quality in practical education by the providers, BEACON do provides with its best services to you achieve your life goal for the dream country. Looking closely, we have several reasons to fly gaining US education.

1. Excellent Education System

With most prestigious and highly demanded education qualifications, US education is highly technological and practical based education with the expert professors. US education qualification is accepted worldwide and is of great value. Especially in the field of Information Technology, most of the international students are lured to be there.

2. Practical and Research Based Education

Gaining only theoretical knowledge doesn’t enlighten the students to have the practical benefits. If you have research your passion of work and study, USA is the best destination for you. Here you will study and learn most of the things being in the field to research and find the truth and fact about the issues that lets us know the right thing in the right subject. This doesn’t only teach us but also widens our personal relations and being familiar in the society.

3. Internship and On-Campus Work Opportunity

Internships are available as a valuable part of education which helps students experience practically what they study. They are available accordingly their course they study. Most of them will be paid internships so that you can earn while learning too. As international students F1 visa holder, you can work part time 20 hours per week during your study period or academic year and 40 hours during vacation. These work opportunities will be often provided by the universities which experience will be calculated as academic credits records to add value in your academic achievement standards.

4. Cultural Exchange

Multi-cultural experience is most to be a true global citizen. The students and the people from around the world come to study and or visit the United States of America which is the place with diversity in one. So, the direct interaction with those people teaches you the norms and values of different cultures which enable you live a life openly with live experience. Sometimes, the cultural occasions are organized, this will be the perfect time to show your ability and expose our Nepalese culture during your stay in the USA.

5.  Technologically highly developed

United States of America is the supreme country for developing the latest technology. With its ultimate power, we can experience the highly furnished technology in the education system and life style there. The daily works are eased and the amazing products can be knowledgeable by or naked eyes. The friendly forming and worldly moved society is the most experience to assume the upcoming and top modern technological impact in to this wonderful land.

6.  International Students Affairs Offices

Your satisfaction is the foremost thing to the universities we will decide and send you for your study. Most of all U.S. colleges and universities have an international student affairs office with advisors. They provide an extraordinary support to international students to help them navigate the sometimes confusing university and immigration bureaucracy and to get the most out of their educational experience. In addition to immigration and academic advising, these offices also often host events and workshops to help international students meet other students and get involved in campus life. These offices will help you with other problems too  encountered to you during your stay.

7. World of Opportunities with Worldly Education

USA delivers the world class education which is recognized by all around the globe. So, this is also a pride to hold the worldly renowned academic certificates with the excellent practical experience in the highly technologically equipped English society. You will be granted credits for any further studies or work holing these qualifications in the United States.

8.  Work Opportunity

In some of the courses like IT, Hospitality Management, Business Administration etc, university provides you with the paid internships creating you the opportunity to earning while learning. Moreover, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during your academic years and 40 hours in vacation. After the completion of your study, you can work one full year up to one and half year to gain the practical experience in the field of your study which is counted as credit in to the academic records achieved.

9.  Complete Guidance in full Friendly Environment at BEACON

We are committed to satisfy you with the achievement of your goal to study in the proper destination. BEACON consultants and staffs are dedicated to you who are always ready to go and friendly persons. Our staffs will deliver you up to minute information and best prepare your documents and train you for your visa interview with the Visa Officer. With our motto- ULTIMATE LITHT TO SUCCEED YOU, we serve you the best to achieve your success.

If you need any further information about study in USA, or if you have any queries related to this or if you are still in confusion to choose your best destination, please visit us at BEACON office or email at info@beaconedu.com.np , our consultants will see this and reply you from the proper