International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a course managed and conducted jointly by British Council, IDP Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Syndicate. This test measures the ca ndidates’ ability in all four language skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading which is designed to for those who are plannig to fly to english speaking country. BEACON provides this course which is british council accrediated .

IELTS is accepted by most of the British, American, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and many more countries’ educational institutions i.e. college an universities for higher Education from abroad to get enrollment in to a college or university. IELTS is one of the fastest growing test methods in the world which is run over 120 countries and increasing in number. This test is taken as the valid indicator to level the Engish ability of a candidate with his score.

IELTS Test Format


Other information

Among these four tests, Listening, Reading and Writing must be in one day but the Speaking test date may be either before these test or after a or two days of written test. But no need to be worried, you will be informed by us or from the British Council.

You must regisger for your test at british council one week prior the test date  with us but sometimes the seats can be finished so, we recommed you contact  us earlier. You must pay NRP 12,000/- for exam registration at British Council. Results will be published on 13 th day of your written test. You can check the seats available and results at or visit for study information.

IELTS Preparation at BEACON

BEACON provides you with IELTS preparation classes for six to eight weeks with an hour class and an extra hour for practice each day. We have our classes running by the years of experienced Instructors with wide space classrooms. The students have free library access for their study and mateials  with CD ROMs. Regular tests are conducted and test papers are provided with the comments and feedbacks for the improvements. You can come with us and just enroll, we can provide classes with your convenient time from morning to evening. For more details please visit at BEACON or email at