Documentation and Visa Processing Service

All Beacon students receive free visa counseling, visa file preparation & mock training for visa interviews from our experienced and certified visa counselors. With our eyes constantly on embassy updates that has led to a stupendous outstanding visa success rates, Beacon is a one-stop solution for all your requirements. We have perhaps the best visa success rate in the country at present and our constant endeavour is to have a 100% success rate.

Documentation guidance is one of the most preferred services of Beacon Education & Visa Services, probably the best educational consultancy in Nepal. We help students to prepare their own documents and comply with procedural requirements. We provide a good grasp of the legal and practical rules and procedures to prepare the documents for the admission and Visa Applications. We suggest which forms are appropriate for the circumstances and assist as per the latest policy requirement; as our role is to professionally help the paperwork related to university and Visa authorities to make sure that everything is in the right track.

So you are all set to proceed for your documentation. Getting into the college of choice is only the first step. What lies beyond the extensive application process is the equally important – the visa application. So, once you have selected the right visa category for you, there is a list of documents you must have before you start the Visa Application Process. Some of the countries have online visa application process while some others paper, so make sure that you complete the required documents, so follow our guidance to make sure that your documentation is as per the visa requirements in the respective country’s latest visa policy. For more detailed information and guidance, please contact our counselors however here is a list of some of the mandatory documents for your quick reference:

Always keep in mind that if you submit your incomplete visa application, it will not be processed but cancelled automatically in almost all cases and if you do not submit sufficient documents and information to support your claimed visa application, it may be rejected by the visa officer without requesting further information. So, take it seriously and do your best to provide sufficient information and documents- for this follow our guidance !

List of Documents For Your Visa Application

General follow process of admission and visa for Abroad Study

1. Offer Letter or Unconditional Letter of Acceptance

Offer Letter is a certificate issued by the University/ Institute you would have applied to to study. This certificate is named different in different countries. The certificate essentially marks out that you are a registered student for the course. It is also the certificate that validates that the course you are applying for is approved and is registered under the regulatory body in the particular country which is mandatory for getting a Visa.

2. Valid Passport

At the time of application, you must have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity at the time but this sometimes defers on the country as well. Also, you would need a valid passport during the time of your stay. In that instance, you can apply for a new passport after making your application for Visa and intimate the embassy when you receive new passport as well as update your visa with the new passport number and details.

3. English Language Proficiency

As you are non-english speaker, visa mandatorily requires English Language Proficiency Certificates by Nepalese Students. Irrespective of the requirement of the course you are applying for, you would need to provide proof of English language proficiency such as IELTS, PTE or TOEFL at the time of filling the Visa Application.

4. Health Checkup and Insurance

In order to receive a student visa for most countries, you need to provide proof that you are in good health. You can do so by providing a certificate of good health. The health checkup and certificate can only be provided by the empanelled doctors. You can make an appointment with the one closest to you for the same. For most countries, you also need to purchase Health and Travel Insurance from the particular insurance provider. So, please consult with us to get to know the country specific requirements that you may need.

5. Proof of Funds and Sponsorship

You would be needed to show proof that you have enough funds to cater to your education and living expenses while you are in your destination country. You would be required to provide documents that declare that you have sufficient funds or your parents or relatives are sponsoring for a genuine reason to cover the duration of your stay. Essentially, the funds should cover:
– Travel costs to and from
– Living costs
– Tuition costs

This is necessary and in case you are applying for a student loan to cover your expenses, you would need the letter from the bank to validate your financial capacity. Financial requirements obviously differ from country to country, which is very important and sensitive documentation that most people get their visa declined. So, consult with us in advance and process your visa application based on our guidance.

6. Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate or police report is also required by students planning to go and study in most of the countries. In order to validate your character and that you do not have any criminal record, you would need to provide a document, duly signed and attested by Police Headquarter of Nepal.

7. Certified Copies of Academic Transcripts and Passport

You would also need true copies of all your academic documents and transcripts, where necessary. Please consult with us which documents is to translate or verify and which is not required which is validated by us as your authorized advisor.

8. Passport Size Photographs

You would be required to submit passport sized photographs. When submitting the same, you should ensure that these photographs are of the head and shoulders only against a plain background.

9. Accommodation

You may be required to submit the evidence or information that you have managed your accommodation. For some countries, it is mandatory while in some others it is not.

10. Statement of Purpose

You are required to submit a detailed letter stating the information and details about your planning to study in the particular college or university and a course in the chosen destination. This assists the admission officer in a university and or Visa Officer in the embassy to know your intention and know more about you and your interest and make a decision on whether to grant you a visa.

11. Visa Application Fees

Last but not the least, you would need pay your visa fee for Student Visa for whichever visa category you are applying for. Please check the latest visa application fees for the respective country with us before the start of the application process.

Processing Your Visa Application in the Embassy or High Commission

Any student wanting to study in abroad will need to obtain a student visa for most of the countries. Most students are issued with a student visa but its conditions depend country to country. We are a well established educational consultancy in Nepal providing the highly professional and highly skilled services to our students who are willing to study in abroad. Our counselors are internationally certified and Beacon Premier International Education has its esteemed reputation as established and certified educational consultancy here in Nepal for is outstanding services exceptional visa success results. We submit your visa application in the embassy on your behalf and handle it properly as it is required. You know, professional approach is the most while dealing with the embassies and follow the right process, language and protocol and timing of communication. So, allow our hassle handle by our highly professional visa consultants at Beacon Premier International Education. Please contact us if you are keen to know more about us and success stories!