We have a number of reasons you find with the quality and trustworthy services which are delivered to you at BEACON to choose us for your abroad study or joining and taking other services provided by BEACON. Some of the reasons why you choose us are listed as below:

BEACON is the Nepal Government registered incorporated organization to the Companies Act 2006
BEACON is member of National Consultancies Association (NECA) – ‘ICEF’ AgencyBEACON is run and managed by years of experienced dedicated team of professors, Instructors and Counselors

  • BEACON runs a number of programs for abroad study and immigration with the different test preparation classes i.e. IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/GRE to meet the visa requirements
  • We have more academic and vocational trainings like Hotel Management Vocational Trainings, College level Tuition/Coaching Classes with the years of experienced Professors and lecturers form renowned colleges and universities
  • We have wide space physically, with free counseling, free library access with free Wi-Fi Zone
  • BEACON won’t charge you any extra fees
  • We will try to meet you/parents personally on our arrival and introduce the organization in different cities
  • BEACON has its wide education network around
  • We will find the best college/university and course for your enrollment
  • Then, BEACON  will process with your application for the enrollment
  • BEACON will assist you with all the documents required by the visa officer and visa application
  • BEACON will update you the different stages in processing the visa application by making the contact in the related authorities directly
  • BEACON will provide you with the pre-departure guidance on the visa success
  • BEACON will make your flight arrangement, airport pickup, accommodation etc as per need to you to your destination country and place
  • BEACON gives you the career pathway and professional services with no compromise in the quality
  • We provide you ongoing service and support
  • Upon request, BEACON can provide you the guardianship too
  • BEACON helps to organize the trips and visit for holiday

We explore your potentiality to expose it to the world which gives you a true sense of being with BEACON wherever you stay and many more……..