Cost of Living in New Zealand

Living Conditions and Cost of Living

Living conditions in New Zealand are very good due to its thriving economy, low crime rate, and relative lack of congestion and poverty. International indexes consistently place New Zealand high on their lists of good quality of life; for example, the 2009 Legatum Institute Prosperity Index ranked New Zealand is 1st  in the world for social capital and 10th  for overall prosperity.

Housing in New Zealand is often more reasonable than that found in many parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. The government is active in supporting immigration, which includes helping people find good homes and suitable living conditions for their budgets.

The website New Zealand Educated advises that tertiary students should budget for NZ$10,000 up to NZ$20,000 a year in living expenses, and provides the following indicative costs:

$100 to $200 a week for accommodation

50 cents to post a letter within New Zealand

$4.45 for a Big Mac at McDonald’s

Free local phone calls from a home phone

$10 to $15 to go to the movies

$1.60 for a 1-stage bus fare

Consumer goods in New Zealand have lower levels of tax attached to them than is the case in many other OECD countries.

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